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To Petitioners wanting to add courses:

**Unfortunately, I cannot distribute ADD CODES until the day/night of the first class meeting.

If you are trying to enroll in any courses at Fullerton College before the first class meeting, and MyGateway/WebSTAR says that the class is "closed" and to ask your professor for an ADD CODE, please read this page.

he English Department is using a wait list for petitioners. When a seat opens up and you are on the wait list, you will receive an email notification and have a 48-hour window of opportunity to add the class. If you are unable to enroll in the course, try adding yourself to the wait list first. Once you are on the waitlist, you should do two tasks. First be sure that your email address in WebStar has the "preferred" address checked off and that the email address is valid and current. Second, you should login to MyGateway frequently to check your waitlist status just in case you miss an email from Admissions that has found its way into your spam folder or bulk mail folder.

If you cannot get on the course's waitlist and you want to add a class, you are considered a petitioner and must participate in a lottery to see what seat priority you have after the waitlist folks.

However, let me suggest a strategy:
Technically, though a class or waitlist is "closed," seats can open up during the registration period as other students continue to drop and add sections that best suit their schedule. By logging in to MyGateway regularly (on an hourly or even 30-minute basis) between now and the first class meeting, you increase your chances of getting a waitlist seat that opens up after a student changes his/her schedule and drops the class before it has even started. This strategy really does work if you are persistent. See also below.

Click MyGateway to check the class section's status.

If you are unsuccessful at adding a course or adding yourself to the waitlist before 12 a.m. of the first class meeting, you will need to be prepared with the following paper work before I can or will give you an ADD CODE. Again, at the point, your enrollment status is "petitioner."


English 100:

If you are wanting to add or "petition" any closed sections of English 100, you will need to bring some prerequisite verification on the first day of class. Only students with this prerequisite information will be considered for class enrollment. You must bring 1 of the 3 following forms of evidence in writing to the first class:
  1. Evidence that you passed English 060, English 099 (or ESL 186, which is the equivalent to English 060) verified by either:

    • a signed grade card from your previous English or ESL professor or
    • a print-out of your English 060, English 099 or ESL 186 grade from WebSTAR (with your name and Student ID) or
    • documentation from counseling that you have completed the equivalent of English 060 at another college

  2. Evidence that you scored high enough on the English placement test (obtained from a counselor or the Assessment Center, Berkley Bldg). All students must take the English Placement Test at the Assessment Center before they can enroll in any English course.

  3. Written approval from a counselor at Fullerton College who has reviewed your transcripts or used other multiple measures for placement in English 100

Again, any combination of these documents will be sufficient for me to give you an ADD CODE as long as there is space in the class.

Post-English 100 Students:

To petition English 102, 103, 104, and 200-level courses, you need prerequisite verification that you passed English 100 with a grade of C or better. You must bring 1 of the 3 following forms of evidence in writing to the first class:


  1. a signed grade card from your previous English 100 professor or

  2. a print-out of your English 100 grade from WebSTAR (with your name and Student ID) or

  3. documentation from counseling that you have completed the equivalent of English 100 at another college

Click here to go to myGateway to check the class status.


A word of caution:
This prerequisite verification does not guarantee you a seat in the class. Since admissions and records generates a wait list of only 7 students, at the first class meeting, I will conduct a lottery during which
petitioners will be assigned a wait list priority number. I will fill as many seats as possible the first night of class with people who are on the waitlist and then from the petitioner's list. Maximum class enrollment is 27 for English 100; 25 for English 103; 25 for English 104; 35 for English 102; 27 for English 201. I will not enroll more students than these maximum limits. Any no-show students will be dropped from the class on the first day, and I will fill any available seats first with students on the official wait list. If seats become available prior to the second class meeting, I will email you with an authorization code for the appropriate CRN after I have verified your prerequisites. Hence, it is necessary for you to attend first class orientation so that you may sign in and confirm your seat in the course.

This is the only fair and equitable way I know to add petitioning students.

Students who do not attend the mandatory orientation for my English 100 hybrid sections will be dropped automatically.

In the meantime, if you have not done so, please visit the appropriate course website at (English 100:, (English 102:, (English 201:, (English 103: or (English 104: and read through--in particular--the online course syllabus (note that you might find last semester's syllabus and course outline until the week before classes begin). If you are not too familiar with how the World Wide Web works or not very computer literate, you'll need to make some decisions about whether this is the right course for you since all of my courses involve being comfortable using digital media (especially the English 100 online hybrid course).

Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions about the course.

Best of luck,
Prof. CS


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