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Essay Assignment


Corresponding Peer Critique Worksheet

Essay 1: Writing an Analysis of an Argument   Essay 1: PC Worksheet in PDF or MS Word Format
Essay 2: Asserting a Claim of Value/Policy   Essay 2: PC Worksheet in PDF Format
Essay 3: Topic Options: Asserting an Argument

Should High School Last Six Years?

Should employers use social media as a screening tool for hiring new employees?
  Essay 3: PC Worksheet in PDF Format
Final Exam: Take-home Final Exam    
You are required to use the MLA document template to submit all written work this semester for your English 103 course. Download the MLA document template that best matches the word processor you will be using.  If the server responds with a login screen--either as you are downloading or when you are saving the file to your hard disk--just ignore it and click "Cancel".

Be sure to save this template to a folder called English103 on your hard drive and make a weekly backup of your English103 folder onto a floppy disk.  Be religious about this weekly backup because accidents beyond your control can and do happen.

Select the correct format for your word processing software:


Essay Templates

(8 a.m. Friday Class)
Microsoft Word (compatible with all versions of Word) Download (29KB)
Microsoft Works (made from the Word template; pages in the header mode may not work) Download (11KB)
Rich Text Format (RTF) (Use this format if all others do not work.  RTF is a generic, universal text format that all word processors can read.  Made from the Word template; pagination in the header mode may not work) Download (30KB)