1.  At the very top, replace the line "Your Name Goes Here"' with your first and last name.

2.  Change the due date every time you start a new essay.  Remember to use the submission date.


1.  At the top of page 2 and double-click "YourLastName" to activate the header.

2.  Double-click on the text "YourLastName" and type just your last name, being sure to leave a space between it and the automatic page number to the right of it.  Do not erase the page number.  Simply choose undo typing from the Edit menu if you make a mistake.

3.  After adding your last name to the header, click the close button on the floating tool bar.

4.  Save this file in a folder called English102 and retain the name of this file EssayTemplate.doc (and JournalTemplate.doc).  Do not erase this file.  Once you open this file to begin a new essay, immediately go to FILE-Save As and rename the new document.  Save all your work for this class in this English102 folder on your hard disk.  Back up this English102 folder often.


OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: Make your file a read-only file

1.  Close this file and locate it in your English102 folder.

2.  Right click the template's filename and choose Properties

3.  Click the Read-only Attributes box.

4.  Click  the OK button.  Your file will now prompt you to resave it with a new filename, and it will never become corrupted.

Your template is now customized, and you should use this file for all your class coursework.