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While several of the essays you will write this semester will involve using outside sources to support your own ideas, we will also write a longer researched essay. This page will be evolving over the entire semester, so check back here occasionally.


The research essay will be broken down into three (3) stages, and you will receive points for each stage of the research process.  While you are submitting 3 different pieces of writing for evaluation during the process of this project, you should understand that far more steps are involved in the production of this paper.

Annotated Bibliography (Due: _______)

Follow this link to view the specific guidelines, requirements, and a sample.

Your annotated bibliography contains a list of all the potential sources (print and electronic) you plan to incorporate into your essay.  Additionally, the annotated bibliography will use 1 to 2 sentences to summarize the main ideas of the source for other readers; and explain how the source will be used in the essay.  These annotations should be 2 sentences long or less and cannot be written in fragments, cannot summarize or paraphrase your source's abstract, and most certainly must be written in your own words.

Abstract (Due: __________)

Follow this link to view the specific guidelines, requirements, and a sample.  

The abstract is a concise statement in a paragraph of no more than a page in length of what your research essay intends to do.  Its purpose is to give the reader an overview of what the essay is about so that she can decide whether the essay is worth reading.  During your own research, you are likely to encounter academic essays that contain an abstract; although, this part of the research essay is most often found in the science, social science, and mathematics disciplines. 

The abstract should state what the larger controversial issue is that you are writing on, and it should indicate what your thesis is, or in other words, what you intend to prove or argue for.  Next it will outline how you plan to organize your essay into the different sections or main points.  It goes without saying that your abstract is a pretty important document since it means that you have already committed yourself to a particular direction with your research.


Argumentative Research Essay on a Controversial Issue (Due: _____________)

By following this link, you will learn more about how the research essay is to be written, how long it is to be, and what approach to take.